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In this post I wanted to share some photos of a custom HUMBLE order as I felt this is another unique one! This one is not a build log as the components I was using are already present in some of the previous build logs so I decided not to document this one. The goal here is to show some finished shots and tell the backstory so here we go! From time to time I get some local orders for… Read More »GTX 1070 RGB Build

GTX 1070 RGB Build

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In this post I wanted to share some pictures of a mini tower cooler in the HUMBLE ITX case. The cooler of choice happens to be a Noctua NH-U9B SE2 which in my opinion is a perfect fit for the HUMBLE if you chose to go with a pico PSU instead of a regular SFX unit. Keep in mind the total CPU cooler height clearance becomes 132 mm this way. The U9B is a 125 mm high tower style cooler… Read More »Noctua U9B

Noctua U9B

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I wanted to try out an OC build ever since I got the first proto of the HUMBLE case and althoug I know that the real SFF genre is not about overclocking I was still really curious what kind of thermals and noise do I face when building and overclocking in this case. The core of the build is the Intel i7 6700k with a base frequency of 4.0 GHz. This is a 91W TDP chip out of the box… Read More »Build Log – 1151 Overclock

Build Log – 1151 Overclock

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I have always wanted to do a build in the HUMBLE with a mini tower style CPU cooler after the success of the Grand Kama build. Since the case accepts around 130mm total hight coolers if there is no SFX PSU present, I looked for something that goes by this height. There are multiple options of course and this time I chose Noctua’s NH-U9B cooler becouse it is looking really awesome beeing so tiny yet bulky with having a push-pull… Read More »Build Log – HTPC mod

Build Log – HTPC mod

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The other day I have got an -inland- order for a Pink HUMBLE case. While further discussing the finishing options the customer said that he also wanted it assembled and they would also provide some of the hardware. The requirements were simple. The PC would go to an elementary grade little girl who just got into gaming recently. The hardware comes from the old gaming PC of her dad and it consists of 2014 Haswell parts. Budget was tight but… Read More »Build Log – 1150 Pinkwell

Build Log – 1150 Pinkwell

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I have been asked many times about the default finish of the case so in this post you can find some close up shots of the Fine Textured Powder coated finish on the HUMBLE. So without further due the shots can be seen below.

Textured Black

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