Bare HUMBLE I felt the HUMBLE in it’s bare metal stage is worth a post so excuse the low res mobile phone pictuers but I never have the DSLR with me when preparing to sand the fresh panels. On these pictures you can see the HUMBLE assembled but the panels are freshly out of the… Read More »Bare HUMBLE

The Super Budget Build

The Super Budget Build This log right here is yet another inland order who’s goal was to have a very-very low budget ‘internet’ PC for his parents who live on the countryside and who wanted to have it in a beautiful light gray HUMBLE case. As the hardware is so dated in this one I… Read More »The Super Budget Build

GTX 1070 RGB Build

GTX 1070 RGB Build In this post I wanted to share some photos of a custom HUMBLE order as I felt this is another unique one! This one is not a build log as the components I was using are already present in some of the previous build logs so I decided not to document… Read More »GTX 1070 RGB Build

Noctua U9B

Noctua U9B In this post I wanted to share some pictures of a mini tower cooler in the HUMBLE ITX case. The cooler of choice happens to be a Noctua NH-U9B SE2 which in my opinion is a perfect fit for the HUMBLE if you chose to go with a pico PSU instead of a… Read More »Noctua U9B

Build Log – 1151 Overclock

Build Log – 1151 Overclock I wanted to try out an OC build ever since I got the first proto of the HUMBLE case and althoug I know that the real SFF genre is not about overclocking I was still really curious what kind of thermals and noise do I face when building and overclocking… Read More »Build Log – 1151 Overclock

Build Log – HTPC mod

Build Log – 1150 HTPC mod I have always wanted to do a build in the HUMBLE with a mini tower style CPU cooler after the success of the Grand Kama build. Since the case accepts around 130mm total hight coolers if there is no SFX PSU present, I looked for something that goes by… Read More »Build Log – HTPC mod

Build Log – 1150 Pinkwell

Build Log – 1150 Pinkwell The other day I have got an -inland- order for a Pink HUMBLE case. While further discussing the finishing options the customer said that he also wanted it assembled and they would also provide some of the hardware. The requirements were simple. The PC would go to an elementary grade… Read More »Build Log – 1150 Pinkwell

Textured Black

Textured Black I have been asked many times about the default finish of the case so in this post you can find some close up shots of the Fine Textured Powder coated finish on the HUMBLE. So without further due the shots can be seen below.

Thank You!

Thank You! Thank you everyone for the patience during this pandemic as everything is harder and takes more time. Stay strong!

Build Log – 1156 Re-Build

Build Log – 1156 Re-Build We often get together with our friends for some gaming nights and they always bring with them office laptops or big desktop towers to game on. Since I have a bunch of mini PCs (some of the HUMBLE demo builds) I wanted to put them to use so my friends… Read More »Build Log – 1156 Re-Build

Build Log – 1150 Haswell

Build Log – 1150 Haswell I have always loved playing games like GTA 5 and Fallout 4 that have full controller support on the TV. It is just a more pleasant experience playing from the softness of the sofa in a number of different unhealthy body postures. Also co-op games like the Trine series is… Read More »Build Log – 1150 Haswell

Build Log – 1155 Sandy Bridge

Build Log – 1155 Sandy Bridge The last missing piece from my collection of Intel based ITX PCs from the -kind of- monopol era of the company is the 2nd generation or Sandy Bridge architecture. Back then ITX boards were available of course but finding one today was not an easy task. This is the… Read More »Build Log – 1155 Sandy Bridge

Build Log – AM4 Pinnacle Ridge

Build Log – AM4 Pinnacle Ridge So this build log is a bit different from the rest you can find on the site as this one is not built by me. I was just a guiding light to show the way into the depths of PC building/gaming.  The story starts with my 13 year old… Read More »Build Log – AM4 Pinnacle Ridge

Build Log – 1151 Skylake

Build Log – 1151 Skylake So a few weeks ago I recieved a request for a fully-passive Home Theater PC build in a glossy black HUMBLE ITX case. The requirements regarding the hardware were not that demanding: the machine should be able to play 4k Losless REMUXes of Blu-ray movies at 60fps or more without… Read More »Build Log – 1151 Skylake

Build Log – 775 Wolfdale

Build Log – 775 Wolfdale This was my very first ITX board back in the day and before getting into the build log, I must say this is somewhat a tribute and although the hardware can be considered retro I wanted to give it a proper housing in one of my glossy orange HUMBLE case. Back in the… Read More »Build Log – 775 Wolfdale

Build Log – 1150 Haswell Refresh

Build Log – 1150 Haswell Refresh So my brother came to me with a request for a mini PC knowing I have made several HUMBLE cases for the color demonstration/introdutction. He already had a a full tower desktop from around 2014 that he is still using today. He told me that the rig is perfectly… Read More »Build Log – 1150 Haswell Refresh

Build Log – 1156 Clarkdale

Build Log – 1156 Clarkdale Long before I started up the website for the HUMBLE I was thinking about ways to demonstrate different hardware combinations in this tiny case without bankroupting myself by getting brand new gear all the time. The only way forward was getting second hand used parts. I mixed this idea up… Read More »Build Log – 1156 Clarkdale

Build Log – 1155 Ivy Bridge

Build Log – 1155 Ivy Bridge When designing HUMBLE the main goal was the smallest modular case to fit ITX hardware relatively comfortably. This alone already dictated low profile air coolers and the idea of water cooling was not even a question. Among many other reasons the most obvious one is the lack of free… Read More »Build Log – 1155 Ivy Bridge

Build Log – 1151 Kaby Lake

Build Log – 1151 Kaby Lake This was my main rig in the last 2 years when HUMBLE was still in the design process. As the first production case was ready I rebuilt the whole system in one beautiful, glossy black enclosure making this the very first offical HUMBLE build! The parts I am using… Read More »Build Log – 1151 Kaby Lake