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In this post I wanted to share some pictures of a mini tower cooler in the HUMBLE ITX case.

The cooler of choice happens to be a Noctua NH-U9B SE2 which in my opinion is a perfect fit for the HUMBLE if you chose to go with a pico PSU instead of a regular SFX unit. Keep in mind the total CPU cooler height clearance becomes 132 mm this way.

The U9B is a 125 mm high tower style cooler with two 92 mm fans that are detachable. This can come in handy in a number of ways depending on other components used in the build.
I mounted this cooler on a regular looking motherboard which has the CPU socket “centered”. This is the case on most ITX motherboards anyway so it should give a clear idea about cooler clearances and aesthetics.
You can find more pictures of the full HTPC build with the HDPLEX in it here.

Also used some really tall memory I had laying around to showcase clearances. Although if you chose a different cooler orientation the memory should be Low Profile to fit under the fan. Or you can just take that fan off and just leave the other on.

In this photoshoot I did not use any cables and connectors. Only the base components are present to give an idea about the amount of space to expect in the HUMBLE.

Of course you can use whatever cooler fits you or your build. Like in one of my full-passive HTPC builds I used a Scythe Grand Kama Cross without it’s fan to cool a low powered chip.You can find the build log to that here.

Just go ham, HUMBLE is a really mouldable case to build in!

Also if you need a psu cover for your big cooler build like this:

Just contact me after you placed an order for the case and I will make sure to print one for you!

This piece has cut outs for the HDPLEX’s Dell sized jack and also for two regular 8mm DC jacks on both sides so you can utilize all 4 corners as needed by other components and layout.


So without further ado you can find the gallery below.