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This is going to be the first official build log in one of the new ELFIN ITX cases featuring a Ryzen APU from AMD. I got this order a while back now for a HTPC in the -then still upcoming- ELFIN mini case. Amongst the requirements were solid 4k@60fps playback, the best possible analog 5.1 audio output without a dedicated DAC and space for storage. Thankfully all this can be achieved in the ELFIN and since gaming was not a… Read More »ELFIN HTPC with Ryzen APU


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A quick update for those who are interested in absolutely unique PC case designs but with the same build-type as the HUMBLE and the ELFIN. The following photos represent a fully custom case where ITX form factor was goal but with a huge full ATX passive PSU.Unique venting design, custom layout and also unique paint job making this a really one of a kind case! If you are someone who wants a similar case that is available on the site but… Read More »Unique Designs

Unique Designs

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In this quick post I wanted to share the first photos of the ELFIN in production.The case is beautiful and just like with the HUMBLE, the fine-textured finish gives it a classy and elegant modern look. ELFIN is now available to order! Check the SHOP! Previous Next

ELFIN first Look

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No, it is not something huge because ultimately I am pretty happy with the design and I like to use the case as it is very much. But with that said, in the past few months the 12mm cube joints got harder to source and their price went up significantly making them an unviable option going forward. You could call this a revision if you will, but — the first gen HUMBLE is not going to be available anymore.— So I… Read More »HUMBLE Changes

HUMBLE Changes

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I have been asked many times if it is possible to get a HUMBLE like case but without the support for dedicated GPUs. Make it pretty much the same but smaller. Well at first I did not see the point as the HUMBLE is small enough and if you don’t want to use a dedicated GPU then just don’t and use some hard drives in it’s place instead or maybe some PCI-E storage extension. But as I got more and… Read More »Incoming! ELFIN

Incoming! ELFIN

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It is not often that I get feedback from new owners of the HUMBLE ITX case let alone a detailed reddit post accompanied with High-Def pictures of the build process and the finished product as well. But in this case, reddit user #co_ordinator from Germany delivered in such a way his post worth a repost on this blog so any visitor can check out this beauty of a build! Original post here. As you can see there are some customisation going… Read More »APU build from Reddit

APU build from Reddit

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