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This quick post here is a lovely customer feedback who decided to build a Ryzen based media center rig in one of the HUMBLE cases. I always like when I get feedback from new owners but I especially love build photos by others. This gentleman made an outstanding cable routing job in the HUMBLE which in my opinion is post worthy! Specs: Motherboard: Asrock Fatality B450 ITX Processor: Ryzen 7 2700 Memory: GSkill Aegis 3200MHz Power Supply: Corsair SF 450… Read More »Ryzen Media Center

Ryzen Media Center

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Yes. This is one of those builds when friends ask me to build them a gaming PC in the HUMBLE but the budget is a quarter of a “today’s” gaming PC. Well, I can not say no to friends and I also can not say no to PC building. More over I am definetly unable to say no to a HUMBLE build no matter the hardware! So this one here is a pretty regular one apart from a few things. Almost… Read More »Classic Matte Black

Classic Matte Black

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I have decided to switch the illuminated push button in the HUMBLE ITX case to a non-illuminated one. This decision has a number of reasons behind it which I am sharing with you in this quick post. – The switch overall seem to have a better quality to it. – Screws instead of solder joints, this allows the user to change/braid/mod the cable without any soldering. – Only one cable and one connector instead of 2, less clutter, cleaner look.… Read More »New Push Button

New Push Button

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A while back I got an order for a very special HUMBLE case. The customer wanted a Vault-Tec style mini ITX case that resembles all the tech in the Fallout video game series.Since I take custom orders as well I was more than happy to create this beauty! The photos are of the “shroud” itself, the motherboard tray and the backplate are the same as of a regular HUMBLE and I wanted more visibility of my work on these shots.… Read More »Vault-Tec HUMBLE

Vault-Tec HUMBLE

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I felt the HUMBLE in it’s bare metal stage is worth a post so excuse the low res mobile phone pictuers but I never have the DSLR with me when preparing to sand the fresh panels. On these pictures you can see the HUMBLE assembled but the panels are freshly out of the laser cutter. No prep work or sanding happened just yet on them. Before taking the parts to powder coating I manually hand sand ever piece and on… Read More »Bare HUMBLE


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This log right here is yet another inland order who’s goal was to have a very-very low budget ‘internet’ PC for his parents who live on the countryside and who wanted to have it in a beautiful light gray HUMBLE case. As the hardware is so dated in this one I did not really want to document the build process itself but rather have a photoshoot of the finished product as the finish on the case is something that no… Read More »The Super Budget Build

The Super Budget Build

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