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This was my very first ITX board back in the day and before getting into the build log, I must say this is somewhat a tribute and although the hardware can be considered retro I wanted to give it a proper housing in one of my glossy orange HUMBLE case. Back in the 2008-09 era the first -really gaming ready- ITX motherboard came to be from the labs of Zotac. This was the very board that really turned my head around and started me… Read More »Build Log – 775 Wolfdale

Build Log – 775 Wolfdale

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So my brother came to me with a request for a mini PC knowing I have made several HUMBLE cases for the color demonstration/introdutction. He already had a a full tower desktop from around 2014 that he is still using today. He told me that the rig is perfectly fine for what he is using it for like studying and some light gaming here and there. As such he would like to keep the hardware if possible and with that… Read More »Build Log – 1150 Haswell Refresh

Build Log – 1150 Haswell Refresh

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Long before I started up the website for the HUMBLE I was thinking about ways to demonstrate different hardware combinations in this tiny case without bankroupting myself by getting brand new gear all the time. The only way forward was getting second hand used parts. I mixed this idea up with the collection of ITX motherboards with Intel socket from every major generation from the past 10 -and kind of monopol- years of the company. Starting with the Socket 775… Read More »Build Log – 1156 Clarkdale

Build Log – 1156 Clarkdale

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When designing HUMBLE the main goal was the smallest modular case to fit ITX hardware relatively comfortably. This alone already dictated low profile air coolers and the idea of water cooling was not even a question. Among many other reasons the most obvious one is the lack of free space to mount a radiator. Very small modular systems and water cooling just do not mix in my opinion. Not even with All in One coolers. But still it is a… Read More »Build Log – 1155 Ivy Bridge

Build Log – 1155 Ivy Bridge

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This was my main rig in the last 2 years when HUMBLE was still in the design process. As the first production case was ready I rebuilt the whole system in one beautiful, glossy black enclosure making this the very first offical HUMBLE build! The parts I am using heavily indicate what I consider SFF worthy and I can’t state this hard enough that this is as subjective as it gets. So what do I consider SFF worthy? First of… Read More »Build Log – 1151 Kaby Lake

Build Log – 1151 Kaby Lake

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