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In this post I wanted to share some photos of a custom HUMBLE order as I felt this is another unique one!

This one is not a build log as the components I was using are already present in some of the previous build logs so I decided not to document this one.
The goal here is to show some finished shots and tell the backstory so here we go!

From time to time I get some local orders for a full system rebuild into a HUMBLE case. As such the components are mostly used and a couple of years old but still I find it charming that someone who do not actually need the cutting edge tech is still happy to spend some money on downsizing the big tower PC.

So for this build I recieved the hardware from an individual who also wanted to use his own paint on the case. This was a first one but I was up for the challange. The hardware is pretty much the go-to rig from 2016 with a Skylake i7 6700k chip in a Z170 motherboard – thankfully ITX – and 2x8gigs of DDR4.
The boot drive was a regular SATA SSD but storage needed downsizing so a new 1TB 2,5″ was sent as well.
The customer had a specific idea about the hardware he wanted to use and at first I was not sure about the Noctue L9i on the 6700k but without OC and a RGB slim fan on the side from Raijintek cleared all my doubts.
The gaming end of the project is a 1070 mini which is a huge card in SFF standards so I was happy to comfortably fit one in this HUMBLE build!
On the PSU size the old ATX one obviously had to go. The new unit is a Fractal Design ION+ SFX-L 500W Gold model. A glorious looking thing with Seasonic internals. Also very quiet!

As mentioned before the customer wanted to use his specific choice of paint. He sent me 3 cans of some high quality gray spray paint.
Since acrylic spary paint does not stick well to bare metal but sticks really good on the powder coat I went ahead and had a full matte black finish on one of the HUMBLE.
The reson behind the regular matte black insted of the textured black finish is the fact that my buyer told me that the paint he sent has a really fine sructure to it that he wanted to see.
Since some light sanding is needed before applying the spray paint a flat surface is more desirable. And also, the powder coat’s structure would dominate instead of the paint.

The painting came out really stunning and the finish certainly has a really fine micro structure to it while staying matte-ish. Topped the build with some RGB lights under the motherboard tray and also had a plexi glass side panel swap on the GPU side tho showcase all that 1070 beauty!

And this is where this story ends. Check the photos of the finished build below.