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I have been asked many times if it is possible to get a HUMBLE like case but without the support for dedicated GPUs. Make it pretty much the same but smaller. Well at first I did not see the point as the HUMBLE is small enough and if you don’t want to use a dedicated GPU then just don’t and use some hard drives in it’s place instead or maybe some PCI-E storage extension. But as I got more and more requests about this I looked into it and here are the results!

ELFIN is the newest addition to the mini PC case series that started with the HUMBLE. If you are someone who is after a tiny NAS or an APU powered multimedia PC or any type of a build that does not require a dedicated graphics card, this case might be the perfect choice for you with it’s huge versatility!

In this post you can read upon an introduction of the tiny case series called ELFIN accompanied some pre-production renders and key parameters!


ELFIN is a very compact and tiny ITX PC case designed with the principals and symmetry of the HUMBLE in mind. If a dedicated graphics card is not something you are in the need of, ELFIN can be the perfect choice for your next system build!
Be it an office PC or a multi storage NAS, maybe a powerful gaming PC with a Ryzen APU or a soundless HTPC, ELFIN has the same flexibility as it’s big brother and will be your best option to builld-in in this size!

Featuring the rigid 2mm thick stainless steel frame and also the 2mm thick aluiminium side panels combination offering the same premium quality as the HUMBLE!

ELFIN also uses the same, easy to access mounting cube system as the HUMBLE does for simple assembly/disassembly and painless parts replacement if required.

The case supports up to 70mm tall CPU coolers to effectively cool even your most power hungry chips.

2x 2,5″ drives underneath the motherboard and (depending on your motherboard) 0, 1 or 2 x M.2 drives. You can also use a PCI-E adaptor to install more NVM-e drives in the PCI-E socket!
That’s up to 5 drives you can easily put in the ELFIN but if you need more, the side panels have some room as well!

 The inner dimensions measure up to 3.6L capacity.

On the power side, ELFIN supports PICO style power supplies with one 8mm DIA DC Jack cut-out on the back panel to use with external adaptor.
HDPLEX’s Pico DC-DC is also supported and the case has the 12mm DIA cut-out for it’s DC Jack.

ELFIN can be chosen with two different exterior. One is the Classic look familiar from the HUMBLE with wide cut-outs for maximum airflow.
The other is a more modern and restrained style with as much coverage on the hardware as possible while still having some breathing room.

There will be a third option with diagonal cut outs later on.

ELFIN will also be available in custom colors with custom pricing

Here are some comparison pictures with the HUMBLE. This thing is really tiny!

—   NOTE: As the product is not directly available to order just yet, send us an email if you wish to have an ELFIN case as soon as possible and we will make one for you during the first set of production.