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I have decided to switch the illuminated push button in the HUMBLE ITX case to a non-illuminated one.

This decision has a number of reasons behind it which I am sharing with you in this quick post.


– The switch overall seem to have a better quality to it.

– Screws instead of solder joints, this allows the user to change/braid/mod the cable without any soldering.
– Only one cable and one connector instead of 2, less clutter, cleaner look.
– As the button is on the back plate the illumination is not visible anyway.
– Same dimensions, same short body style but the cable connection is perpendicular further lowering the required space.
– Previus button needed some cable bending when a 140mm side fan is used, this one is zero interference.

The new button has a black finish to it but of course as the cut-out for the button is 16mm, any other vandal style button with the same diameter can be used in its place.

Mod it as you see fit!