Default color and finish is Fine-Textured Black!


White and Gray are also considered base colors and are not considered as special finish!

For a different color scheme or special finish please contact us with your order number and choice of color(s)!
Almost every color from the RAL palette is available in 3 finishes: Metallic, Matte, Textured.

Multiple color/finish on a single case is possible as well! Each extra color -other than White or Gray- are a 30USD plus on the regular price.

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HUMBLE is a DIY PC case kit

Small footprint, 6.7L inner dimensions

Outer dimensions: 162x202x230mm (wings included)

Graphics Card support with a maximum Height of 135mm and Length of 188mm

Support of 3x140mm or 120mm SLIM fans with a maximum depth of 16mm

Support of two 2,5″ drives on the baseplate

The maximum supported CPU cooler height is 64mm (fan included)

Support of SFX and SFX-L power supplies

Detachable side panels

Mini ITX form factor PC Case

DIY design – need to be assembled

All the necessary fasteners are included

Power Supply screws are included

Vandal Push button is included

Tools are NOT included

If you wish to get your HUMBLE assembled with the hardware of your dreams already inside please contact us for personalized offers!

Every HUMBLE is custom made so the delivery time is around 4-5 weeks. Please keep that in mind when ordering!

HUMBLE is a mini-ITX form factor PC case that comes as a do-it-yourself kit featuring a modular design with corner joints and symmetrical side panels. The assembled case’s outer dimensions measure 162x207x230mm (“wings” included) with 6.6-litre inner capacity. It has a motherboard tray and a backplate made of 2mm thick stainless steel which connected with the brass cube joints give a strong and rigid frame that can safely take your precious ITX hardware.
The rest of the side panels are made of aluminum with powder coated finish.

The modular design and the all side venting cut-outs let the user to place HUMBLE in different orientations like on it’s bottom or sides so it fits on surfaces with little space perfectly without losing cooling performance. 120 and 140mm slim (sub 16mm) case fans can be mounted on the side panels and on the front panel.
Optimal CPU cooler height is under 60mm to still have a little clearance between the PSU and the CPU fan but the absolute limit is 64mm total for a CPU cooler height.

Through the side panel coloring the case can be implemented in existing interiors as it was designed for the place. Almost the entire RAL color palette is available in 3 finishes: Glossy, Matte and Textured. It is even possible to mix and match the colors as you like it. Contact us with your wish of coloring!

The case itself is highly moddable thanks to the easily detachable side panels. Check out our Instagram page for some ideas!

HUMBLE is a desktop PC case that actually looks good on the top of a desk. It also fits nicely as a media center/NAS server next to the big screen in the living room.

Might need to be on the road for a LAN party: take on HUMBLE as it can fit in a backpack just fine.

So if you are after a small form factor case that has limitless customization options while still able to house powerful hardware look no further, HUMBLE is for you!

Side Panel Type

Classic, Modern, Vent


Black, White, Gray